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Impressions from G5 installation with LVM and XFS


I've installed sid_d-i/powerpc/20040902/sarge-powerpc-businesscard.iso
an my G5 yesterday.  Here's a short description of problems I've had:

* Minor: The installer kept on asking if it should load the ide-scsi
  module.  Why?  I thought ide-scsi is considered obsolete with 2.6

* Partitioning didn't work because partman didn't find any useable
  devices.  After adding an 'exit 0' to 69no_media it worked.

* LVM setup didn't work properly:
      - There's no indication on how one should setup a partition for use
        with LVM on PPC.  I ended up using a 'do not use' XFS partition.
      - There's no way to create PVs, i had to create them manually
        with 'pvcreate /dev/discs/disc0/part5 /dev/discs/disc1/disc'.
      - Creating a VG didn't work from the installer => 'vgcreate ...'
      - Creating the first LV didn't work => 'lvcreate ...'
        Creating additional LVs DID work from the installer

* Minor issue: The installer suggested installing a -power4 kernel instead
  of a -power4-smp kernel

* Grave: After the initial boot / was mounted read-only because
  /etc/fstab specified "errors=remount-ro" for my (non-LVM) XFS root
  partition.  XFS doesn't support the 'errors' option.

* Not installation related: Debian should provide a 64-bit kernel,
  32-bit kernels only support up to 2G RAM but G5s can have up to 16G.
  (I've built my own 64-bit kernel, it sees all 4G my G5 has)

Please CC me on replies, I'm not subscribed to debian-boot.


Juergen Kreileder, Blackdown Java-Linux Team

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