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Bug#269809: hard disk not being detected

Similar problem here. I use the daily built floppies of the
debian installer of 2004-09-05, boot.img and root.img .
The hardware is a pentium 100 mhz with 32 mb ram. After
booting with boot.img and feeding also root.img, a message
appears "entering low memory mode". I don't load extra
drivers, since I don't need cd-drivers nor net-drivers.
I choose keymap "american english" instead of "belgian"
because the solution for bug #262620 is not yet in testing.
Hostname localhost, domain localdomain. The mirror I use
is the one of the KULeuven in Belgium. Then I'm asked
which additional installer components to load. I selected
none. Then I see messages with progress bars, saying that
hw-detect is being loaded, en "detecting disks...". Then
the partitioner is shown, with five selectable lines,
first "Help on partitioning", then two selectable blank
lines, then "Undo changes to partitions", then "Finish
partitioning and write changes to disk". In virtual
console 2, I see that /dev/hda doesn't exist, /dev/ide
is empty, and /dev/discs doesn't exist. Virtual console
3 says "Log file truncated to save memory". Virtual
console 4 shows lots of DEBUG-messages. The last two
end with "configure harddrive-dectection, status: 0"
and "virtual package harddrive-dectection".

I had no such problems with the floppies for installing

Joshua said something about trying again in a few days.
Feel free to ask me to say when to try again. I can keep
the hardware available for some time for some more testing.

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