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Bug#266354: Details about partman "hanging" during Arabic installs : help needed

This bug makes the whole Arabic translation useless.....

The "hang" occurs during S35dump.

The screen displays a progress bar with "Starting up the partitioner"
as title and "Please wait..." as text. Both in English. This is
probably the *former* dialog box

S35 dump has a text to be displayed:

Dump partition info in %s

I'm nearly sure that the cause of the "hang" is that, for some reason,
the Arabic translation of this text cannot be displayed. We already
had a few cases of this in the past, IIRC.

Arabeyes translators, could you look into Debian Installer
translations and see what is really special with this string ?

Maybe something related to the string substitution which could be
badly handled by BiDi (but in that case, Hebrew would also hang...and
it does not)

Maybe some special character not in the attached file (which
supposedly lists all characters needed by Arabic so that the font
reduction mechanism we have works)

In the meantime, I replace the current Arabic text by English (only in
D-I repository, NOT in Arabeyes)....

This is very important as this bug makes the Arabic translation
currently useless....



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