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Bug#269994: Mounting usb memory sticks fail with 2.6 kernel (no CP437 support)

Frans Pop wrote:
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: netboot/netinst i386 03-09-2004
> Severity: important
> Mounting usb memory sticks fails with the 2.6 kernel.
> The reason seems to be missing CP437 support.
> The mount works fine with the 2.4 kernel.
> # mkdir /mnt
> # mount /dev/discs/disc1/part1 /mnt -t vfat
> # dmesg
> Unable to load NLS charset cp437
> FAT: codepage cp437 not found
> There seem to be no other problems: device files are all there and I can read 
> from the stick with 'more -f /dev/discs/disk1/part1'.

IIRC we ran into a similar problem on ia64 with elilo being unaable to
mount the EFI boot partition because the code page the 2.6 kernel uses
for fat filesystems has changed, and the one built into the module
doesn't work. That was addressed in version 1.24 of kernel-wedge:

  * dann frazier
    - Add the new default I/O character set and codepage for fat to
      fat-modules - should allow elilo-installer to complete successfully

Since linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6 was rebuilt with this version of
kernel-wedge today, its fat-modules should also have gotten the needed
codepage by now (or possibly by the next daily build, depending on
timing). Suggest you try again with the 5 sep build. I think it will
load the nls_cp437 module automatically, but am not sure.

see shy jo

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