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Re: Issues trying to install on Old Toshiba Laptop

On Friday 03 September 2004 23:03, Alan Chandler wrote:

> Downloaded rc1 - and the business card version.  Unfortunately my CD reader
> on this machine thinks the larger CD is corrupt (but it has been verified
> on another machine as OK).  The business card version seemed to be
> installing the base system just fine, when I looked away and it rebooted. 
> There is of course no bootable system installed at that point, so it was
> another 2 hours of doing it all again for it to happen on me again.

This is something inside the debootstrap process.  I managed to clean up the 
CD reader to stop giving errors and tried it again.  One more time, it just 
randomly returned to a boot prompt in the middle of "install basic system" 
step.  Finally at the "Install basic system step" I started the console on 
vt2 and ran the debootstrap process manually.  This is not getting anything 
of the At some point down this is rebooted again. (I can't stare at the 
screen for the hour and a half it takes to see exactly where).

> I'll try tomorrows CD build - but if I can't get that to work I am going to
> have to give up and not have a machine with me on holiday:-(

"tomorrows" (03sep2004) CD still has the problem of failing to find my disks

In the end I have gone back and created a set of boot floppies from woody.  It 
has taken all day (if you include the few times when I made a rescue floppy 
that wouldn't boot, eventually realised I needed to re-download a copy), but 
its now approaching 10 in the evening and I have a bootable system and I am 
in the process of a dist-upgrade to sarge (this process on its own has been 
going on most of the evening).  [This is a function of the very slow machine 
- not my link to the internet]

Alan Chandler
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
 then they fight you, then you win. --Gandhi

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