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Bug#269809: ICH4 IDE hard disk not being detected

floeff@arcor.de wrote:
> Hi Joey,
> > Were there device nodes for the disk?
> You mean, whether there has been /dev/hda? Unfortunately I did not look this up (and I have no chance to access this machine soon). dmesg showed the kernel recognized everything okay. hda was the Samsung hard disk, hdd (indeed, hdd) was the Samsung CD-ROM.
> > How did cfdisk fail?
> It said: Error, cannot open device.

This begs the question of how you ran it, if you didn't bother to look
for a device node (which would be in devfs syntax, so not /dev/hda).
IIRC, cfdisk has to be told the device to run on, you must have told it
something or it would have given you a usage message.

see shy jo

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