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FIXED! RE: CD boots but keyboard freeze at "boot:"

I found the solution.  The problem actually had to do with my CMD-649
controler.  At boot, the control BIOS displays "Press F1 or F11 for Windows
2000".  I did not know I had to press that to install Linux.  I'm currently
looking to understand what pressing F1 does to the system so that I don't
omit pressing it in the future if required.

After I pressed this, I went past the stage I was locked in but without
proceeding further.  I'm expecting the rest of the install tomorrow will go
fine and I'm sorry to have sent an useless message on this list.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: neumann [mailto:neumann@lostwebsite.net] 
> Sent: 2 septembre, 2004 20:52
> To: debian-boot@lists.debian.org
> Subject: CD boots but keyboard freeze at "boot:"
> Hello Debian-boot,
> Well, the title says it all.  The Netinst RC1 CD boots fine, 
> but at the
> "boot:" prompt, the keyboard is non-functional and I cannot 
> do anything.  At
> this point, I have to reset the computer.  I've tried an 
> Debian 3.0r2 CD and
> the same thing happened.  The computer doesn't seem fully 
> frozen because the
> cursor is still blinking at the boot prompt
> I'm quite clueless on how to fix that problem and I'd really 
> wouldn't like
> to use anything else than Debian.
> I've got a supplemental US keyboard I will try later tonight, 
> I'm hopeful it
> will work.
> I run a pretty vanilla x86 computer:
> Pentium III 450mhz
> 394mb RAM
> PS/2 french-canadian keyboard
> Logitech MX-500 plugged on USB port
> Oldie 4x Hitachi CDROM as boot device (It Works! TM)
> LG 12X CDRW as secondary CD reader
> Maxtor 60gb drive connected on a noname CMD649 IDE card (I 
> know it sucks :()
> GeForce2 MX200
> François-Denis Gonthier

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