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Bug#269554: installation-reports: 20040831 image is broken (kernel)

Kenshi Muto wrote:
> I'm trying 20040831 snapshot image on vmware, but many bugs are there
>   - partman shows a strange output. partitioning table shows:
>     IDE1 master (hda) - 3.2 GB VMware Virtual IDE Hard Drive
>     60partition_tree________/var/lib/partman/devices/=dev=ide=host0
>     60partition_tree________/var/lib/partman/devices/=dev=ide=host0

This will be fixed in unstable as of dinstall.

I don't know about all the kernel problems. As usual, new kernels seem
to have new bugs and I'm really not very happy with the way we were
forced into breaking the working installer by going to the new kernels.

see shy jo

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