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How to contribute

hi all,

I use Debian for 4 years now and there's no worth to say to you that I find this system GREAT. I thank all Debian developpers for that. I want in my turn to give the litle that I can to help Debian and improve it. I'm not a very good programmer. I just understand how some language works by developping some academic code (I'm a graduate student in Applied Mathematics, at a university in France) but, may be, could I do something with the translators of the debian-installer project. Especially, I'm very exiting to get Debian in my native language which is the "malagasy" - from Madagascar. So what I have to do for that? Which tools should I use? kbabel,gtranslator,poedit...which the most user freindly and easy to learn? How can I know wether this language is already supported or not? Is there , already, somebody work on it? I'll do the most of my work on my laptop, an apple powerbook g4. Is there any specific tools for ppc architecture when develloping d-i (especially for the test, and the compilation)?

Best regards

22 boulevard de l'hopital
75005 Paris

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