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Bug#269336: Installation report Sarge RC1

Am Mittwoch, 01.09.04 um 07:13 Uhr schrieb Christian Perrier:

- Why did the installation ask me not every time for the kernel to take?

Because it's asked only at medium priority. At high priority (default
installs) there's no need to bother users with that. The installed
kernel depends on the way you booted the install (linux26 or linux)

I swear, I did the same install every time: Hitting return. But the first time I was asked which kernel to take. The only difference between installs was my way back and forward and through the partitioning djungle, and maybe, hitting space one time at startup before "return". And at first install, I waited a longer time for something to happen. Please recall: I did not see anything on the Startup-Screen than the picture. I did not type "linux", "linux26" or anything else with numbers or letters.




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