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Bug#268792: [m68k] [20040828, rc1(?)] [nativehd] Failure with Debian installer RC1 on Macintosh Quadra650

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 08:07:48PM +0200, Erik C.J. Laan wrote:

> Mind you my setup was not with a serial console, just with debugging 
> output send over the serial port (debug=ser console=tty0 (not ttyS0)). 
> From what I heard serial console's on Mac's work very bad.

Oh right, then this combined with it being a recent daily image means
you are probably seeing bts#269077 (incorrectly detecting
non-serial-console as serial console). Should be fixed soonish.

The debug serial and rc1 subject line had me looking elsewhere.

> >Glad you finally got it installed.
> Also worth noting is that with the d-i beta3 I tested I could not start 
> the partitioning tool, because it needed more than 4 MB (ramdisk was 20 
> MB then). Now with the ramdisk_size dropped down to 13000 I have 11 MB 
> RAM left for the installer and the partitioning tool worked, and on top 
> of that the installation was 1,5 to 2 times faster.


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