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Re: Preseed file not working

Fraser Campbell wrote:
> Ok, wasn't anything that silly, exact same error message (file may be 
> corrupt), I'm not going to bother capturing logs from this attempt.
> ----
> Just noticed that debconf-set-selections has a -c option, running that on 
> aruba2.debconf gives me the following errors:
> error: parse error on line 248: 'base-config    apt-setup/title title   '
> error: parse error on line 253: 'base-config    base-config/title       title  
> '
> error: parse error on line 269: 'base-config    tzconfig/title  title   '
> error: parse error on line 461: 'd-i    lilo-installer/failed           '
> error: parse error on line 609: 'exim4-config   exim4/exim4-config-title       
> title    '
> error: parse error on line 637: 'tasksel        tasksel/title   title   '

Aha, a couple of bugs here, it should be removing titles from the file,
lilo-installer had a broken question with no defined type, and the loader
in the installer is not very robust. All bugs fixed in Incoming.

> I delete the corrupt lines (since I'm not to sure what they should look like) 
> and rerun the installer using 
> preseed/url=http://www.wehave.net/debian-installer/aruba3.debconf
> Yay, progress ...
> On install using http://www.wehave.net/debian-installer/aruba3.debconf I see a 
> few questions disappear, these questions were not asked:
> - mirror selection and proxy setup
> - press enter to install grub in MBR
> These questions were asked, I don't know if it was because of my corrupt file 
> or because they will always be asked (I hope not the latter):
> - partioning questions were all still asked ...
>   o erase Entire disk
>   o still had to select all files in one partition
>   o still had to select finish partitioning and write changes to disk
>   o still had to tell it that I wanted to destroy my data

I hadn't gotten that far in my own testing of this. It might be that
some additional tweaking will be needed in the installer to make sure it
respects preseeded values for these.

> On reboot, I get base-config running (as expected) but it still asks me 
> questions.  I select debconf-seed as the next step in the install process and 
> it then jumps me to "Execute a Shell" ... I exit, no extra user was created.  

I suspect that the preseeding preseeded the next step in base-config to
"finish the install", and then base-config walked on to the next menu
item. Problem is it didn't actually run all the other menu items. Try
deleting base-config/main-menu from your files and see if that improves

see shy jo

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