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Bug#268986: Please set correct command line for PowerPC PReP kernel image


Sven Luther writes:

> I don't understand this ?


> The d-i is well able to take care of all of this by itself,

No.  Before, you had to type out the whole command line, including
root=/dev/ram0, or d-i would panic during the boot process.  Now, you
only need to change the root device from /dev/sda2 to /dev/ram0.  This
bug is about making this obsolete as well.

> This probably means that your adding of root=/dev/sda2 has broken
> d-i on all powerpc subarches

No.  The built-in command line is only used by PReP systems.

> BTW, did you do a new build with kernel-source -5, as Joshk asked you to do ? 

No.  I never got a message from Josh.  And looking through the
changelog, I don't see anything that would affect powerpc.

Regards, Jens.

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