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Bug#268950: booting of cd for installation fails to mount with a DVD in another drive.

Package: install
  Version: Sarge Debian 3.0r2

  When I booted off the CD-ROM and the install program loaded, it
could not find the installation source in the CD-ROM.  It attempted to
mount it a few times and continously failed.   It seems that the
install program attempted to mount the DVD Movie in another DVDROM
drive instead of mounting the CD it had just booted from (understably
different as the BIOS prompted the system to boot from the CD as
opposed to a mounted subsystem for the kernel).  The CD-ROM remained
unmountable until I removed the DVD-ROM from the other DVD drive.

  IDE Mapping 
  Primary Master = DVD-RAM - DVD Movie media inserted
  Secondary Master = DVD-ROM - Sarge 3.0r2 CD media inserted
  Secondary IDE RAID Controller for the harddrive

  I am using Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r2, kernel 2.4 stock with Sarge.

I expected the CDROM that had just BOOTED the media to be scanned and
mounted (or at the very least a question of which IDE CD device to

Question: Is this behaviour due to the inability to mount DVDROM's by
the install?

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