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fbdev modeline invalid -> black screen when using tft-displays

when booting this disk (either via default 2.4 or 2.6 kernel)
the autodetection loads the radeon fbdev (which is a good idea)
and then sets an total nonstandard videomode (1024x768@73Hz)
if it was only 1Hz lower it would have been usable (and an VESA-mode)
but this way the most tft-panels will just blank and eventually display
'mode not supported'

this bug is existing a while, but i have no idea who to talk to bout it,
but if you feel responsible, drop me a mail since i'm not subscribed to this
list and i will provide any neccesary support to debug this

my hardware-config:
MSI KT4AV, duron1600, 512mbytes ram, 160gb hdd, radeon9000pro, yakumo
tft15al connected via dvi, ps2 keyboard and usb mouse
a fairly 0815-enduser-pc i think (the reason why i chose to give sarge a
shot before installing sid as usual ;) )
normally i run 2.6.7-k7 of sid on it and it works great (till your
harddrive dies), also when using fbdev (so the hardware driver shouldn't
be the problem)



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