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Bug#266242: port 80 makes for a bad default for a http proxy

reassign 266242 choose-mirror

Quoting Peter Palfrader (weasel@debian.org):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: 20040801 (tftp)
> Severity: normal
> In the 'choose a mirror' part the user is asked for a HTTP proxy.  If
> one only gives http://<hostname>/ as the proxy, the installer picks
> a default port of 80 for the requests, which is a bad idea.
> In my case I got
> | Bad Archive Mirror
> | The specified archive mirror is either not available or does not have
> | a valid Release file. blabla
> Reason being of course that on port 80 there's an apache which is
> not really a proxy server.
> A better default would be 3128 (squid's default port) or 8080.

I'm not sure that changing the default to something else than 80 will
be accepted (after all, the template is quite clear about how the port
should be specified). But in any case, this bug pertains to choose-mirror.

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