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Re: d-i devcamp 22th to 26th of September in Oldenburg?

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> The Oldenburg meeting takes place 22th to 26th of September this year.

I've finally updated the web page: <http://meeting.ffis.de/Oldenburg2004/>.

> I suggest we do this similar to last year.  Andreas Schuldei accepted
> to take care of recites and other paperwork, and I hope Kurt Gramlich
> are interested in assisting as well.  Last year, I'm told Skolelinux
> spent ~30k NOK on the d-i devcamp.  This years budget (upper limit) is
> 40k NOK (~4750 EUR/~5759 USD).  It is good if we can get away with
> less.  Most of the funds should be spent on covering travel expenses
> for the d-i developers, but the nearby Debian-Edu developers can get
> their travel expenses covered if the expenses are low. :)
> I expect the organizers at the Oldenburg meeting could use some
> funding as well.  That is fine, as long as most of the funds are spent
> on covering travel and food for the d-i developers.  Andreas decides
> how the funds are spent, with input from Joey Hess, Kurt Gramlich,
> Vidar Bakke and me.  Joey Hess has most to say when it comes to
> selecting d-i developers in need of travel support.

What I need to know from all attendees is the following:

 1. Name
 2. E-mail address
 3. Date of arrival and departure
 4. Vegetarian or not (due to the barbecue on Friday)
 5. Car with n usable seats (if you arrive via car)

 6. Time of arrival if you want to be picked up from the train/airport[1]
 7. Time of departure if you need to be taken to the train/airport[1]
 8. A note if you don't like your name to be on the attendance list[2]

If you don't know this kind of meeting yet, I invite you to wander
around on that website for past meetings with pictures and reports.



[1] Please see <http://meeting.ffis.de/Oldenburg2004/routing.html>
[2] <http://meeting.ffis.de/Oldenburg2004/attendees.php3>

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