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Some comments on the installer.


I just joined this list because we (gf & me) thought we'd have some good
hints for the installer. Here's the story.

A few days ago I let my girlfriend (a linux/gnu fan without technical
knowledge) do a fresh install on her own pc. She had a few good comments
on the installer which might might be interesting to the people creating
the (text-based) installer.

First : the installer isn't very clear to a non-technical users about
what options are and what's text. Both textcolor & backgroundcolor are
the same making it look like a big blurp of text. 

Second : The type of installation you can choose could be a little bit
more explicit (not sure if it's the right word though). She did a
desktop installation and got junk she really did not need (gnome & kde)
she would have liked to choose either. We did a network install and so
it took about twice as long as needed for her to get a working desktop.

Third : videocard & monitor selection, she's got a geforce2mx in her
machine which works for her purposes. The installer told her not to use
detection of the settings for her monitor, so she choose the simplest
method for telling the installer what kind of monitor she was using. The
result was that after finishing X wouldn't start properly. Leaving her
with the console after which  I had to take over for a few minutes to
fix it.

Fourth : Sections, it would have been nice to be able to choose some
additional sections for apt to use. As a desktop user for instance the
flashplugin could be nice to have around.

That's about it I guess, she used the dutch language while installing
and had no real comments on that.

Hope this helps in some way, the installer works allright as far as she
could see, after I fixed the videocard problem she was able to use the
system the way she wanted.

Goodbye for now,
Minze Zwerver

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