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Bug#265707: Success RC1, i386

reassign 265707 partman-target
tag 265707 d-i
retitle 265707 assumes /hd-media is a usb device

Dennis Stampfer wrote:
> I booted off /dev/hda1 where the installer iso was saved. But when I look into
> my fstab, /dev/hda1 gets mounted on /media/usb0?? uh? Why usb0?

partman-target has some code that assumes that if hd-media is used, it's
a USB drive. The actual point of the code is that if a USB device is
used for an install, it should be the default USB device mounted on
/media/usb (-> /media/usb0). The code could do this better though and
not assume the drive is USB without checking, I'll come up with a patch.

see shy jo

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