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Bug#265538: [INTL:sv] Minor concerns about Swedish entry in languagelist

[Recai Oktas]
> There are some minor problems with Swedish entry which doesn't cause 
> harmful results at the moment, but may introduce unexpected bugs in 
> future as far as the current format of languagelist and SUPPORTED list 
> concerned:
> * Fallback locale code (3rd entry 'sv_SE.ISO.8859-1') must be present in 
>   the first column of /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED:

I believe this is the wrong fix.  The locale code should be
'sv_SE@euro' if ISO-8859-15 is needed.  There is no need to list the
charset explicitly, as it will be selected from the SUPPORTED list.

> -Swedish;sv;sv_SE.ISO-8859-1;sv;;sv_SV:sv:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun16(iso15)
> +Swedish;sv;sv_SE;sv;;sv_SV:sv:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun16(iso15)

This change isn't needed.

> * Note that 'sv_SE' in SUPPORTED list points to the 'sv_SE.ISO-8859-1'.  
>   To include the 'euro' symbol, it should be changed as follows:
> -Swedish;sv;sv_SE.ISO-8859-1;sv;;sv_SV:sv:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun16(iso15)
> +Swedish;sv;sv_SE.ISO-8859-15;sv;;sv_SV:sv:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun16(iso15)

This change is wrong.  Who inserted .ISO-8859-1 there?  As far as I
know it should not be included.

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