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Re: Question Concerning Change In Console Text Size While Booting Up

John Lowell wrote:
> Just finished installing Debian with the businesscard iso. Install went flawlessly, and I installed the x window system and fluxbox in addition to the base packages. But I noticed something strange while booting up. The kernel portion of the boot renders on screen as standard text size. Toward the end of the boot sequence, however the screen goes dark, recovers and finishes up in what seems to be some kind of framebuffer transmogrification of the text size. Most unpalatable to my way of thinking. It gives the appearance of the installation being cobbled together. Why would the init scripts choose a frame buffer mode when they hadn't as recently as about a month ago when I installed on another machine briefly. Might someone point me to the script responsible for this change?

It's hotplug. This is being fixed.

see shy jo

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