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Bug#264950: Package: installation-reports

martin02 wrote:
> This particular arrangment of hardware needs to have dma turned off for 
> the CDROM known issue from booting to a knoppix CD.  I did not see an 
> option that would do this however I also tried "linux26", "linux nodma" 
> and "linux26 nodma".  
> What I was seeing was that the CDROM kept turning off between reads for 
> each file it read from the drive.  If there was an option to copy files in 
> "safe mode" style over to the hard drive in a temp directory and continue 
> the installation from there, I believe it could have continued.  
> Optionally provide a way to turn off DMA for the CDROM.

I think you're running into the problem that this is a modular kernel.
IIRC kernel modules do not see kernel boot time parameters, instead
those parameters must be passed with the module when it is loaded. The
installer lets you do that, if booted in expert mode, by prompting you
for parameters to pass when loading each module. If you pass the right
parameter to the right module, you can probably turn off DMA.

I dont know what the right module is, probably one of the ide ones. I'm
not sure what the right parameter is, the source suggests it might be

see shy jo

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