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how to boot a pseries

To boot a IBM pseries (at least the b50) from the cdrom it is necessary to:
1) create a directory /etc in the cdrom and put a yaboot.conf in it
2) use cdrom instead of cd in the device line in yaboot.conf
3) create a /ppc/bootinfo.txt with
<description>Debian GNU/Linux </description>
<os-name>Debian GNU/Linux </os-name>
<boot-script>boot &device;:\boot\yaboot.rs6k</boot-script>

4) run the addnote program in the yaboot binary. I don't know if the resulting 
file boots in a pmac. Maybe it is necessary to have two yaboots: yaboot and 

5) use the -chrp option with mkisofs

Thats all :)


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