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Re: Opinion about sarge install

Andrew Pollock wrote:

On Sun, Aug 08, 2004 at 11:56:00PM +0100, peter green wrote:
It would probably be interesting and useful for the X packaging
team to see
a diff between the config that was generated from configuring X and the
config you ultimately had to use to get X working. In my experience,
provided you give the X configuration the right input, it does a
job of getting X working.
i think the point is that the X setup tool needs a full auto mode
almost every other distro has auto setup of X (even some debian based ones
normal users CANNOT be expected to answer those kind of questions

You should jump on debian-x@lists.debian.org and have a discussion about
this. I think it's been discussed in the past.

The main thing is, Knoppix runs on 1 architecture, the X configuration has
to work on all 11. I believe Branden has said in the past that autodetection
of the monitor and video card can have undesirable results (like hanging the
system) on some combinations of hardware and architectures.

That said, it may be feasible to autodetect everything on i386, which is the
probably the architecture that X is most installed on... I don't know. Talk
to the X folks if you feel strongly about it.

The hardware detection Knoppix uses comes from Red Hat Linux, and Red Hat Linux supports
S/390 & zSeries
IBM pSeries
IBM pSeries
I believe it's also used in Yellow Dog Linux and that runs on Macs.
It also used to run on Sparc - I installed RHL 6.2 on a lunchbox here when Debian wouldn't.

Of all those, IA32 is the post complex, and most of those not covered have a much smaller variety of hardware to fuss over.

I have a powerbook here. How many different graphics chipsets, firewire chipsets, gigabyte NICs, DVD burners, USB2 ports are you likely to encounter?

I used to be a sysprog on S370. Yes things might have changed now, but then if you wanted to sell me a some disk drives, tapes, printers - anything- the onus was on _you_ to ensure it worked with the OS _I_ was using at the time, and do so in a way that didn't affect support for my OS. Commonly that was done by making devices look sufficiently like IBM devices that no software changes were needed.

Even now, IBM storage devices that are not 3390s present themselves as 3390s so as to be compatible with older software (MVS).

I do not believe that extending the hardware detection used by Knoppix is a big issue.



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