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Bug#264435: Debian Installer RC1 on MIPS

Package: installation-reports

Debian-installer-version: Release Candidate 1

Method: Booted from network

Machine: Silicon Graphics Indy
Processor: MIPS R5000SC
Memory: 128 MB
Root Device: SCSI, /dev/sda

Base System Installation Checklist:

Initial boot worked:		[O]
Configure network HW:		[O]
Config network:			[O]
Load installer modules:		[O]
Detect hard drives:		[O]
Partition hard drives:		[O]
Create file systems:		[O]
Mount partitions:		[O]
Install base system:		[O]
Install boot loader:		[O]
Reboot:				[E]

When partitioning the hard drive i was given a list of partition
types i could use, i chose reiserfs. However, after installing the
boot loader and rebooting, i was unable to boot since the arcs
boot loader only can read ext2 file systems (which i was unaware of).

I suggest adding a text that informs the user when partitioning
that the /boot partition (or the / partition if a separate /boot
is not chosen) must be of ext2 type.

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