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Re: netboot kernel parameter question

John Smith wrote:
> Hi All,
> 	installing sarge with d-i through pxe-netboot on a Compaq/HP
> DL380-G3, fresh out of the box, with a remote console tool that comes
> with the machine, called iLO (integrated lights off). In short you
> connect through https to the iLO interface (ethernet with IP/DHCP),
> supply the pre-set password and get the console over your net in your
> browser. Gives you the possibility to do all bios related things
> (date/time, array partitioning etc.) plus power on/off etc. without
> being present and without locally supplied boot software.
> 	All goes well, until the loaded netboot kernel starts, because
> it tries various diferent graphics modes, which aren't supported with
> the (free) iLO software, only with the 'advanced' (== non-free) ver-
> sion. The moment iLO detects the graphic tweaking, it blocks every
> action and my only possible option is a reboot.
> 	Is there a way to disable this behaviour by the netboot kernel?
> Tried various things as 'vga=ask', 'vga=NORMAL_VGA', all failed.


see shy jo

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