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netboot kernel parameter question

Hi All,

	installing sarge with d-i through pxe-netboot on a Compaq/HP
DL380-G3, fresh out of the box, with a remote console tool that comes
with the machine, called iLO (integrated lights off). In short you
connect through https to the iLO interface (ethernet with IP/DHCP),
supply the pre-set password and get the console over your net in your
browser. Gives you the possibility to do all bios related things
(date/time, array partitioning etc.) plus power on/off etc. without
being present and without locally supplied boot software.

	All goes well, until the loaded netboot kernel starts, because
it tries various diferent graphics modes, which aren't supported with
the (free) iLO software, only with the 'advanced' (== non-free) ver-
sion. The moment iLO detects the graphic tweaking, it blocks every
action and my only possible option is a reboot.

	Is there a way to disable this behaviour by the netboot kernel?
Tried various things as 'vga=ask', 'vga=NORMAL_VGA', all failed.



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