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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#262043: cdimage.debian.org: I am using the daily sarge iso images to create a local mirror. Instalation fails attempting to partition a disk

Steve Glines wrote:
> I just tried this again using the vmlinuz and initrd.gz found at
> http.us.debian.org/debian/dists/testing/main/installer-i386/current/images/monolithic
> but instead of using a local mirror created from a downloaded CD iso I
> used a real mirror (ftp.us.debian.org as a mirror) and it worked
> flawlessly. I believe the flaw is not in partman (which works when
> downloaded from a mirror) but in the CD iso images which fail to load
> the right partman package.

I explained why what you're trying to do with the netinst CDs won't
work, and why we will not support it in
<20040729170636.GC18342@kitenet.net>. That message also explains why I
reassigned the bug in partman, instead of closing it out of hand. That
message was CCed to you.

see shy jo, who hates repeating himself

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