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Re: Introduction

Steve Langasek wrote:
> "The community" does not prefer Reply-To.

John Summerfield wrote:
> Where are the latest voting results on the matter?
> Is voting done per-list, or overall?

I guess that "The community" above means "the Debian Lords
and Deities"; and that is fine for this "debian-boot" list.
Unfortunately, the "debian-user-indonesian" community prefers
"Reply-To:". Therefore, they have abandon the "official list";
to join the "debid@yahoogroups.com" list.
> There are several good mail clients in Debian with an adequate
> "list-reply" function.  I would encourage you to try one.

I do not have many options as a non-English speaker. My previous
mail client was Netscape 4.77. Evolution 1.05 was the only mail client
with a speller. Now I am stuck, since it is not easy to move hundreds
of Megabytes cascaded mail folders to another mail client.
I can not switch just because I am following "debian-boot".

> And this is not the proper forum for discussing Debian list policy.
But, since it was posted to this public list; I have to reply it to
this list too.

- I have no problem to do extra click in "debian-boot", but
  I do not want to do that in "debian-user-indonesian".
- No need to vote.
- Now, let's back to the regular debian-boot program.

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