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Re: still no c,h,s

Thanks, Joey and Per,

The Function key for special hardware parameters lists it, but does not tell
us that it is not available in 2.6. - may be someone ought to notate it.
Sorry for obsessing upon this issue, but even a few thousand people who feel
they have lost their windows install will make for a bit of ugliness.

Thanks for all the great and hard work.  We leeching free-loading non-coders
really sincerely appreciate it.

Very best wishes,


"Per Olofsson" <pelle@dsv.su.se> wrote in message
[🔎] 20040801192845.GA4138@dsv.su.se">news:[🔎] 20040801192845.GA4138@dsv.su.se...
> Joey Hess:
> > yazdzik wrote:
> > > expert26 hd=7296,255,63
> >
> > I don't know if that parameter is a kernel boot parameter, or something
> > old and unimplemented left over in the help from the boot-floppies. If
> > the latter, I can remove it..
> It's a kernel parameter in 2.4 according to
> Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt. I think the CHS stuff might have
> been removed from 2.6 though.
> -- 
> Pelle

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