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Re: cardmgr start message during base install (extra packages)

[Per Olofsson]
> Obviously, cardmgr should not be started at all. It seems like
> pcmcia-cs does not use invoke-rc.d in the maintainer script. If I
> change it to use invoke-rc.d (which it should anyway), will that make
> it work? Does d-i use policy-rc.d or something to stop init scripts
> from being run?

Hm, I thougth apt-install already made sure no such daemon is started
in /target/, but it doesn't seem like it when I check the source now.

I suggest changing it to replace start-stop-daemon with a dummy script
doing nothing, to make sure no daemon is started in /target/ while d-i
is running.  debootstrap does this.  An example is available from

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