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Bug#261887: 8139too and sis900 install bug

the woody install kernels should only be used for installation
at least in the case of the bf24 one they no longer get security updates (there is at least local root exploit in the bf24 kernel unforutunately the fix for this caused module breakage which is why bf24 was not updated)
either use one of the real kernels from the debian archives or (if you don't need 2.4.18 specifically) use the latest 2.4 series source from kernel.org
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From: Gregoire Hostettler [mailto:ghostettler@caracal.ch]
Sent: 28 July 2004 20:03
To: submit@bugs.debian.org
Subject: Bug#261887: 8139too and sis900 install bug

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 3.0r2
Flavor: bf24.
As I need to install a 2.4.18 kernel the fastest way is using the bf24 flavor.
The problem is that neither 8139too nor sis900 drivers are available under kernel/drivers/net.
How to circumvent this ?
These drivers are available when using idepci w/o any problem...
Thank you!
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