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Re: Why isn't console-cyrillic part of console-data?

Petter Reinholdtsen написав:
> It would be easier to get the console setup right during installation
> if all the console configuration stuff worked the same for all.
> console-cyrillic seem to be an exception.  Why isn't the content and
> behaviour of console-cyrillic merged into console-data/console-tools?

My question is why console-data is not part of console-cyrillic? ;-)
Console-cyrillic have more features and simpler interface. But I agree
that one package for all console fonts, keyboards, etc will be better.
The main problem for now is bad cyrillic fonts in console-data, and
console-cyrillic is much simper: only one command with simple interface
for setting up cyrillic console with any font, encoding, keyboard.
But there is one problem: console cyrillic contains only AT keymaps...

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