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Re: partman-efi

Jim Lieb wrote:
> The strings in the template have already been "translated" for the 
> most part.  I picked the strings from the hppa/palo boot and did an
> s/palo/efi/g on them. The big translation part is patch set I made for 
> the manual.

As far as I can tell, this string is not translated at all:

+"In order to start your new Debian system, the firmware on your Itanium "
+"system loads the boot loader from its private EFI partition on the hard "
+"disk.  The boot loader then loads the operating system from that same "
+"partition.  An EFI partition has a FAT16 filesystem formatted on it and the "
+"bootable flag set. Most installations place the EFI partition on the first "
+"primary partition of the same hard disk that holds the root filesystem."

The "EFIboot" string is marked as fuzzy, so is "EFI boot partition (FAT16)".
"EFI-fat16" is also untranslated.

> Given that without this patch, people will end up doing a complete base
> install and *then* find out that elilo-installer can't find a partition 
> will make for bug reports like the one filed.  I'm no language expert
> but the strings are passable and the manual is necessary to keep happy
> clients even if it is only in english at present.  I believe that is
> preferable to having bug reports from users after they see a message 
> that they should have seen 20 mins earlier indicating that they have
> to repeat that 30 min exercise with little enlightement as to what the
> problem entails.

I could possibly pass on the translations, if the translation coordinators
were ok with that, but it does seem to need a nonexistant efi-udeb too.

see shy jo

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