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Bug#260396: PowerMac G3 (beige) sarge d-i (18 July 2004) Installation Report using 2.6 kernel

On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 03:56:12PM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 03:44:18PM +0100, Clive Menzies wrote:

> > again tomorrow.  Meanwhile, assuming I can get a network connection
> > what's the best way to issue the above commands from my workstation
> > (which will allow me to cut and paste the output you've requested).  Can
> > I telnet into the machine in its half installed state - I note that I
> > can do some stuff on tty2?

> I'm afraid you'll probably have to type it in on tty2.

netcat is built into busybox now, so you can always go with something
	nc -l -p 2080 -e /bin/sh 
on tty2 or whatever suits.



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