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Re: Powerpc netinst iso.

On Sun, Jul 18, 2004 at 01:51:50AM -0400, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Sven,
> You didn't ask for my opinion, but here it is anyway...

Well, not, but i mailed to debian-boot, so ...

> As a user, I think splitting netinst/businesscard into separate 2.4 
> and 2.6 isos is a wonderful idea.  The fewer unneeded Megabytes I 
> have to download and burn before I can get started installing the 
> better!  I usually know whether I'm going to want to do 2.6 or 2.4 
> before I start the download process.  I think it's an excellent 
> trade-off.

Yeah, question is, how easily is this acheivable, and what about CD or
DVD sets.

> Would it allow the the d-i components on the 2.6 iso to use 
> 2.6-specific features at installation time?  Would this be useful?

Dont think so. what features do you have in mind ?


Sven Luther

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