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Re: Debian-installer Croatian translation

Quoting Kruno (kruno@linux.hr):
> Hi,
> my name is Kruno and I am asking for acitivation of Croatian language (hr_HR)
> translation for debian-installer. Few days ago I downloaded last sarge netinst

That's great news. I was desperating finding a Croatian (hr) translator...

> image and to my surprise there was no Croatian translation of instalation
> process any more. Woody's instalation was partially translated, and now there is
> Bosnian and Slovenian and Serbian in sarge installer, but not Croatian.

Serbian is currently stucked down, by the way, but, yes, Bosnian and
Slovenian are OK. We also have contacts for Macedonian and, speaking
about former Yugoslavia, we also have Albanian (spoken in Kosovo and
of course Albania)....

So, yes, Croatian missing is definitely Not Good....and, thus, finding
a HR translator is great.

I'm usually the contact for people starting to work on d-i
l10n. However, because of French Bastille Day week-end, I'll be away
for 5 days....leaving in 2 hours and being back on Sunday 18th evening.

> That's it. Can you please activate Croatian translation? And if not, what must I
> do to make you so? And to whom or where or how can I submit my translated .po
> files?

You need to apply for an account on Alioth (alioth.debian.org).

Then ask to joeyh@debian.org, mentioning your Alioth account name, for
commit access to the d-i repository. Checkout the whole repository
(instructions for this are on the translation status page) and put
your hr.po files for 1st stage at the appropriate places. For 2nd and
3rd, we'll see after.

In case you need help until July 18th, ask seppy@debian.org.

Some work is also needed in languagechooser languegelist and
languagelist.l10n files. Look into these for entries about other
languages. I think there is even entries for Croatian, currently

I'm really glad to see someone jumping in for hr....

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