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Re: Bug#257302: xfree86: general complaint about XFree86 on Dell Latitude D400

On Sun, Jul 11, 2004 at 04:22:35PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> No, read-edid and mdetect are installed by base-config (but see bug #258690),
> prior to package installation. They are later removed, iff X was not
> installed.
> Since X doesn't declare a dependency on them, selecting them for install
> at the same time as X does not even guarantee they'll be _unpacked_ when
> X is conigured. And they will certianly not be available when it's
> preconfigured. This is why base-config is complicated with the need to
> mess with read-edid and mdetect itself, and why I'm left with bugs such
> as #250422 which I cannot fix.
> There are other, better ways this could be done, but they all require
> reorganising how X's configuration is done.

The debconf reorg is scheduled, but I *don't* have plans to introduce a
spurious dependency of xserver-xfree86 on discover, mdetect, or read-edid.

I thought it was agreed a long time ago that it really was the installer's
job to get hardware autodetection tools onto the system.

Has that thinking changed?  If so, why?  Should Debian's kernel-image
packages start depending on hardware detection tools as well?

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