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Bug#258984: Package: installation-reports: r8169 module broken

Package: installation-reports
Version:  Sarge (testing) Beta 4

Debian-installer-version:  Sarge Beta 4 (official 110Mb release)
Date:  07-11-2004

Machine:  Biostar IDEQ 200P
Processor:  AMD Athlon 64
Memory:  1 Gb
Root Device:  IDE HD0

Base System Installation Checklist:

Initial boot worked:   [0]
Configure network HW:  [E]
Config network:  [0]
Detect CD:  [0]
Load installer modules:  [0]
Detect hard drives:  [0]
Partition hard drives:  [0]
Create file systems:  [0]
Mount partitions:  [0]
Install base system:  [0]
Install boot loader:  [0]
Reboot:  [0]


  The r8169 driver was loaded due to the Realtek RTL8110S GigE
(onboard) NIC.  The driver loads OK, but the network configuration fails
to communicate over the network to configure with DHCP, and when
hand-entered the continues to fail all communication over the network!
I cannot download any packages to install beyond what is on the install
CD.  The apt-get portion of the installation fails.
  I downloaded the daily build (07/11/2004) of the Sarge installer, but
it was no better than the official release --  the network still remains
  I even retried the installers with the "linux26" argument to try the
2.6 kernel, but no better results.

  I had an old version of the Sarge installer (dated 1-10-2004) that
works.  It installs the 2.4.23-1-386 kernel.The installation configures
the network HW with the r8169 module and I can download packages from
the Internet.  There is a flaw when using ftp to move very large files,
but I can seem to correct that if I set "append="mem=1000M"" in my
lilo.conf file.

  I have performed several installations of Sarge using various
versions of the installer (on various platforms and configurations) over
the past 7 months.  I have been installing and using Debian for nearly 7
years and have been very happy, but this is the first time an
installation has stumped me...

  I have read that the r8169 may be broken in several newsgroups.
There appears to be debate on whether the flaw is in the driver or in
the kernel headers...  Is there any work being done on this to correct
the r8169 problem?

Brett Dalla

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