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d-i network install downloads too much

I'm attempting a network install of Sarge. I PXE-booted off my LAN.

Since my local mirror is incomplete I'm installing through my modem.

I've discovered that d-i is downloading lots of stuff it won't need - pcmcia stuff, firewire stuff etc.

Worse, it's downloading modules for two kernels. Since it booted a 2.4 kernel, it can't possibly use 2.6 modules.

More, my boot kernel (I must upgrade it!) is 2.4.20, so it can't use the 2.4.26-1-386 or 2.4.24-speakup modules either.

IMV it should only download modules for the boot kernel, and for required features. This may require finding some things about the target environment before downloading great gobs of stuff.

It's no surprise that it's run out of space.

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