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Re: Bug#247676: Processed: aptitude looses all deb by poweroff at configuration step

maks attems wrote:
> funny i'm seeing that laptop in 1 hour or so..
> well the report is quite clear, step to reproduce:
> * use aptitude in third stage from d-i
> * select some random package
> * shut down your pc at the step where configuration of system began
>   all selected packages already downloaded!
>   yes brutally turn off your pc, because you are in rush!
> * when you reboot you return to aptitude
>   no debs in /var/cache/apt/archives/
> i assume the package may be moved to tmp for processing and
> therefor be lost by reboot.
> didn't try to reproduce since then.
> a++ maks

This is because base-config does an apt-get clean before running
aptitude in an attempt to clean up detritus left from debootstrap and
allow for installs on machines with limited disk. It's nothing to do
with aptitude, reassigning.

see shy jo

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