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Re: Processed: aptitude looses all deb by poweroff at configuration step

On Thu, 01 Jul 2004, Daniel Burrows wrote:

>   I don't really understand this report.  Could you explain more
> clearly?  (ie, what does it mean that "all downloaded packages by
> aptitude were lost" -- you mean the cache was emptied?)

funny i'm seeing that laptop in 1 hour or so..

well the report is quite clear, step to reproduce:
* use aptitude in third stage from d-i
* select some random package
* shut down your pc at the step where configuration of system began
  all selected packages already downloaded!
  yes brutally turn off your pc, because you are in rush!
* when you reboot you return to aptitude
  no debs in /var/cache/apt/archives/
i assume the package may be moved to tmp for processing and
therefor be lost by reboot.
didn't try to reproduce since then.
a++ maks

ps please include the bug nr. email!

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