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Multiple problems with d-i on Dell Latitude (i386)


I used the netinst (105 MB image) of 2004-07-01.  Some problems occured:

1. Method 'linux26': Hangs during PC card phase.  Had to switch off.

2. Method 'linux26 hw-detect/pcmcia=off (or so)':  Did not detect the
   ethernet device (Broadcom 570x Gigabit).  No idea which driver to use
   from the list, so rebooted.

3. Method 'linux': No PC card probs :-) No network driver probs :-)
   Installed grub on /dev/hda3 (because XP uses /dev/hda1,2) and I do
   not want grub as primary boot manager on that machine.
   Killed the MBR!  No boot from HD at all possible.

4. Same as 3, but installed grub in the MBR, which works, but was not
   the original intention.

5. Upgrade to kernel 2.6: Again, the ethernet is dead, so I'm stuck
   with 2.4.

6. A colleague was unhappy about the 'ar' support, because it goes
   left-to-right and the letters are detached from each other, which
   seems to be unnormal for 'ar'.

Cheers, WB

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