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kbd-chooser needs testing

Quoting Debian Installer (installer@ftp-master.debian.org):
> Accepted:
> kbd-chooser_0.55.dsc
>   to pool/main/k/kbd-chooser/kbd-chooser_0.55.dsc

This new kbd-chooser version incorporates patches for fixing the
keyboard handling in Unicode environment. #251550 : the installer
seems to "freeze" when entering high ASCII characters in any debcofn

As this is a change to an important item of d-i, this needs heavy

IMHO, this is probably not ready for tc2 and thus the problem handling
high ASCII characters with several keyboard maps should be mentioned
in the errata file for tc2, then rc1.

In the meantime, all of us who test sid_d-i images should focus on the
keyboard handling in order to validate kbd-chooser.

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