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Re: Daily build 20040628 of d-i (Sarge) for sparc: sr_mod.o wrong arch?

Holger Rauch wrote:
> Hello to all list members,
> I'm having trouble getting Debian (Sarge) installed on a Sun Enterprise E450
> with an UltraSPARC-II (248 MHz) CPU. Linux boots and kernel 2.4.26 correctly
> identifies SCSI controller, hard disk, and CDROM. The CDROM drive is a
> TOSHIBE XM5701 (at least that's what I noticed in the kernel boot messages).
> However, as soon as I get past the language selection of d-i and automatic
> hardware recognition starts, d-i correctly tries to load sr_mod.o. When I
> switch to the third virtual console the following messages are displayed:
> insmod: ELF file: /lib/modules/2.4.26-sparc64/kernel/drivers/scsi/sr_mod.o
> not for this architecture
> insmod: Failed to load module sr_mod.o

Please use the sid_d-i builds instead of the regular daily builds; they
have modutils that include biarch support needed for sparc64.

see shy jo

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