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Bug#256905: installation-reports: can't mount the CD after hardware detection

Package: installation-reports
Version: daily iso, 2004-06-29
Severity: important
Tags: d-i

I've just tried an install with the daily iso (2004-06-29) and no way to mount 
the CD after the hardware detection (2.4 or 2.6 kernels).

After the "Detecting hardware" phase I got a :

"Detect and mount CD-ROM"
Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted. ...

Try again to mount the CD-ROM ?
<Yes> <No>

If I selected yes I get back in the same screen.

tty3: bottom lines are about the loading of:

cdrom-detect: Searching for Debian installation on media...
attempt to access beyond end of devive
16:40: rw=0, want=899731, limit=899698
isofs_fill_super: bread failed, ...

I've tried on 2 CD, and with 3 CD drives, still the same problem, and it works 
on an another computer.

I've already done a bunch of successful installs on this box (see #220014 for 
details on the box), d-i beta4 used to work.

Let me know if you need some extra informations.


Sebastien Bacher

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