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Mounting USB stick from d-i first boot environment

I've not gotten back to attempting to install from a USB stick, but
thought I'd try and mount the stick from the second console just to make
sure it's possible.  None of the laptops I've seen recently have a
floppy drive (thank goodness; I hate floppies) so the ability to easily
access the USB stick is reasonably essential.  Sooner or later, someone
will need to do it.

Q: If I needed to build a network driver module for this kernel (perhaps
Atheros, from the madwifi.sf.net project) how do I find out what kernel
source was used, and what the configuration for it was?

A: For the kernel config, I suggest that the config-$KVER.gz ought to be
shipped on the installer media.  It belongs next to the vmlinuz and
initrd.gz files, along with some information about what kernel source
version and any patches it was built from.

Q: Secondly, how do I get that module set into the installer

Using sarge-netinst snapshot from 2005/05/25 ... I see no menu entry
that gives a screen of build info...  Perhaps one should be there?  I
booted with "linux26".  "uname -a" tells me this is "Linux (none) 2.6.5-
1-386 #2 Fri Apr 30 20:13:30 EST 2004 i686 unknown".

I jacked in the stick, and looked at "dmesg".  It detected it, but did
not create a device.  I had to manually "modprobe sd_mod" to get that.
Also, there was no mountpoint, so I did "mkdir /usbstick".  Then I was
able to simply type "mount -t vfat /dev/discs/disc1/part1 /usbstick".

Now I wonder if it would have detected and mounted the stick for me had
I had it jacked in on booting the installer environment?  I am rebooting
to find out ...   And am smiling on those who made it so.  It is there,
and I can mount it no problem.  Very cool.

There is no menu entry for mounting that USB stick device...  Perhaps
it's mentioned in the Installation Manual?  (checking...)  It is not
explained, thus only an expert installer will know how to do this... I
suppose that only an expert will know how to build the required modules
as well...

Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom@pdx.edu>

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