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Bug#256766: base-config: Wrong consolefont? Seeing ae ligature instead of line drawing chars


Well, things are getting clear.  I was able to figure out why this bug 
appeared in sarge images, but not in sid.  As you may recall, I fixed a
problem in languagechooser/prebaseconfig regarding the console font 
ACMs: #250376.  (See the threads of the bug report for details.)  The 
new framebuffer code of kernel 2.6 is simply confused by setting the
SCREEN_FONT_MAP as is the case for languagechooser < 1.23, while the 
kernel 2.4 is not effected.  I'm not sure which one should be the 
correct and expected behaviour, but I guess kernel 2.6 sucks.  That's 
why I said that this issue might have been fixed in kernel 2.6.7, and
however we shouldn't rely on the fixes outside of termwrap, i.e.  
languagechooser and kernel 2.6.7 and we should always set the 
appropriate consolefont in termwrap, hence my patch...

By applying the following changes in /etc/console-tools/config (without 
touching the termwrap), I've confirmed that this bug will be resolved 
with the new languagechooser (>= 1.23), because it doesn't set the 
SCREEN_FONT_MAP and instead, it sets the APP_CHARSET_MAP:


(This change should be made when we enter the base-config, and we 
should reboot after saving the /etc/console-tools/config.  In the next 
run, you should observe that the line drawing problem disappears.)

So, as the result of this investigation, regarding the release schedule 
of tc2, if we wouldn't want to wait for the fixed base-config (2.33), we 
would rather prefer to accept the new language-chooser in testing.  As I 
said before, the new language-chooser (>=1.23) will already _fix_ this 



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