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Bug#256766: base-config: Wrong consolefont? Seeing ae ligature instead of line drawing chars

Quoting Karl Hegbloom (hegbloom@pdx.edu):

> It's the sarge netinst snapshot from 2004/06/28, US English.
> > Which kernel ? 2.4 or 2.6 ?
> 2.6.  I notice that the d-i CD uses 2.6.5, but the base-installer put in
> 2.6.6-1-386.


My last test in such conditions (sarge_d-i, 2.6, en_US) was OK. This
was with the 20040623 sarge_di image.

sid_d-i image do *not* have these display problems but I thought we
have dealt with it in sarge_d-i.

We need ton confirm at 100% which image is used. Can you tell us which
build date is shown when hitting F1 at the CD boot prompt?

I'm just running a test with the 20040628 built sarge_d-i image
currently (that image shows 20040528 as build date....please note: MAY

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