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Re: Bug#256766: base-config: Wrong consolefont? Seeing ae ligature instead of line drawing chars +SATA

Alle 07:45, martedì 29 giugno 2004, Christian Perrier ha scritto:

> >
> > Used d-i 2004/06/28 to install in a VMware.  All good, up until base-

Same bugs appeared to my install, same d-i build, locale it_IT@euro

> Which image exactly? Which locale? I'm doing detailed tests of both
> sarge_d-i and sid_d-i images and this well known problem of tc1 is
> supposed to be away for weeks.

> Which kernel ? 2.4 or 2.6 ?

2.6.7 custom build. The 2.4 installed by d-i doesnt show to me the wrong 

Btw... maybe I realized why 2.6 d-i fails detecting my sata_via, can be 
because there are two drivers for serial ata conflicting? 
One in the IDE driver and the other in libata under scsi. I mainly runt the 
ide one until I realized that libata speeds things up and has lighter I/O 
impact on my system... the mess was only updating some config files ragarding 
raid and lvm changing hd[eg] with sd[ab]...

BTW, also mkinitrd needs to support serial ata, if I do not add "sata_via" 
under /etc/mkinitrd/modules I get kernel panic on boot. So or mkinitrd became 
smarter or d-i put the proper line for serial ata under mkintrd directory...

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